Stone is one of the oldest basic construction material, dating back to the mists of antiquity. Its survival is testament to mans long held love of materials which are not merely precious, but also solid and resistant to the ravages of time.
Our mother earth has been so generous in providing us so many
numerous verities of stones called by different names like marbles, granites, lime stones, slates and sandstones depending upon their
different physical properties, each more fascinating than the other. Indian stones have for long been occupying an important place in the world of stones owing to their exotic colors, strength, texture, finish and durability.
We take pride and pleasure in bringing these natural treasures to our discernable clients at affordable prices and consistent quality.

Rocks From India
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Alabastro ony 483 Onyx Pink Ony 708  Onyx Tiger Ony 362  Onyx Honey Ony 360 
Alabastro ony 483 Onyx Pink Ony 708 Onyx Tiger Ony 362 Onyx Honey Ony 360
Onyx Gold ony893 Onyx Green Light Ony576L  Onice Acquamarina Ony 510  Onyx Red Ony 711 
Onyx Gold ony 893 Onyx Green Light Ony 576L Onice Acquamarina Ony 510 Onyx Red Ony 711
Onyx White Ony 891 Onyx Iris Rosso Ony 725  Onyx Tanzania Scuro Ony 730  Onyx RossoTartarugo Ony 735 
Onyx White Ony 891 Onyx Iris Rosso Ony 725 Onyx Tanzania Scuro Ony 730 Onyx Rosso Tartarugo Ony 735