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The Chandra family has a long history of enterprise and commercial activity dating back to as early as 1820, when the foundation of the group was laid down by Lt. Seth Nand Ram Chotey Lal.

Ever since, the family business grew by leaps and bounds and expanded to include various fields including wholesaling, agriculture, international merchants, banking and flour and cotton mills etc.

The group reached it’s zenith during the period 1920-1947 under the able leadership of Rai Bahadur Seth Tara Chand, the fourth Generation after Seth Nand Ram Chotey Lal. He was conferred the prestigious title of “Rai bahadur” by the British Empire, which was only given to very selected people throughout India and was symbolic of power and prestige in the country. He went on to become the Zamindar (Landlord), Treasurer and also the Mayor of the city of Agra. He was succeeded by his son Seth Kishen Chandra, who later became the president of the then, premier stock exchange of India-The Calcutta Stock Exchange till the civil war and independence era of 1947.

He was a great art lover and got various works of arts executed and during the later years of his life laid the foundation of the Stone and marble art works business.
His son and the sixth Generation family entrepreneur, Naveen Chandra was a great patron of art as well and carried on the business of Art works in stone and marble and executed some of the most prestigious hotel projects in India, creating master-pieces in stone and marble which only left people wondering and speechless. He brought back to life the once lost art of semi-precious stone inlays on marble.

This art of semi-precious stones and marble was spread to different parts of the world by Barun Chandra – the seventh generation entrepreneur of the Chandra family, and who strongly believed that “ The desire for art and ornament is present in every civilization. It only grows and increases in proportion to the development and prosperity of the people. Man’s earliest ambition is to create and there is no better creation than Stone-works, which, once created stays for centuries”. He crossed all geographical and political boundaries and took the art to almost all parts of the globe and then diversified into quarrying of marbles, stones, slates, lime stones and all kinds of gorgeous natural stones from mother earth present in India.

Today, we at ART HOUSE, are proud to have a global presence with “works of art” executed in almost all parts of the world and thank our business associates for always giving us a free hand to explore our God given potential and talent, thereby enabling us to create pieces of timeless art in stone and marble.